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This is Star Hill.
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Let's make the fediverse an even friendlier place. ♥

This is syl! They're a small silver dragon with short soft fur and feathered wings. They have pink and blue markings, especially covering their paws.

he has no style
he has no grace
this kong
is a national disgrace

Content warning: My fursona and stuff

Content warning: Introduction

Content warning: Raccoon Stats (1)

Content warning: Raccoon Stats (2)

Content warning: my ace experience, kink mention, sex mention, thread


I'm lapis (they / them)
@weirdwriter insisted I join!

I'm an # writer, crocheter, reader in the US. I like playing piano, singing in languages I don't know (like Italian 🤣 ), I love podcasts (I think I'm subscribed to 80 or so right now?)
I am easily distracted (thanks, ADHD), but try staying on task with a # Techo / Planner.

I am legally # / # and ran out of energy to make an introduction yesterday. 😅
Hope we can be friends 💜

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maybe instead of being a landlord you should try landing some bitches

Pensare. Presumere. Desumere. Interpretare ogni singola parola o battuta o interazione. Estrapolare concetti senza conoscere il contesto, la logica, il perché o la persona che li ha espressi, può essere solo fuorviante, fonte di incomprensioni e danni. Rende chi l'ha detto o scritto una persona "illogica e disagiata" ai tuoi occhi.

# del giorno.


Tutte le informazioni sul sito web dedicato

dove è anche possibile firmare la petizione

Ogni firma è un appello alla giustizia!

# # # # # # # # # #

“Quello che ci aspetta è molto peggio di una guerra. In una guerra si distrugge, le persone muoiono, ma poi si arriva a un punto in cui si può ricominciare. Col cambiamento climatico no: possiamo creare un pianeta ostile alla vita umana per decine di migliaia di anni, punendo tutte le generazioni future.”
2021, Luca Mercalli, Presidente della Società Meteorologica Italiana

# # # # #


👀 Il consumo di carne e derivati animali è stato il grande assente della COP26.

🔥 Secondo la FAO, l’industria zootecnica è responsabile del 14.5% delle emissioni di gas serra mondiali. Contando gli ettari di foresta rasi al suolo per fare spazio agli allevamenti, questa stima sale addirittura al 50%. Gli allevamenti sono i principali responsabili delle emissioni di metano, un gas ancora più climalterante della CO2.

🥕Se vogliamo azzerare le emissioni, nonché fermare le atroci sofferenze di miliardi di animali, non possiamo prescindere da una rivoluzione del sistema alimentare.

📢 Per questo, come XR Pisa abbiamo aderito al #, un trattato internazionale che articola in tre punti la svolta di cui abbiamo bisogno.

➤ Approfondisci e fai l'endorsment anche tu qui

➤ Scopri e firma anche la campagna di # Italia

PSA: ACAB actually doesn't include the People's Police of the People's Republic of China ☺️ or of any socialist country ☺️ because these forces actually don't wage campaigns of mass incarceration and terrorism against poor and colonized people ☺️ and they actually do protect the people from imperialist campaigns of mass terror ☺️ as well as support public safety and prosperity ☺️ in ways bourgeois states are never interested in without ulterior motives 😊

Heyyyy, it's a refsheet for my 'sona!

At least, my *main* form.

I'm a dragon-snake-werewolf succubus, or "snergcubus" according to @lenalia

Gift art is OK! I'm constantly amazed by folks' creativity. Also, mad respect if you do -- my 'sona's not easy to draw
A front/back reference sheet for Shyra, showing her overall body shape (she's a thicc bipedal dragon with wings sprouting out of her lower back / pelvis), her coloring (lilac, with black and purple accents), and details like her snake-like mouth, black sclera, and the color-changing Heartflame that burns between her long, twisting horns.

This is basically me around non-furries:

Content warning: Linux, bad idea

Do not kill the part of you that is cringe. Kill the part of you that cringes.

Content warning: What is “the suck"?

You know what, fuck you, this is way too many of us.

Maxim 70: Failure is not an option. It is mandatory. The option is whether or not to let failure be the last thing you do.
Captain Kathryn Janeway says: I can't tell you it's going to be okay
But I can tell you that you deserve to eat
you deserve that glass of water
you deserve that rest
your feelings are valid
If you need to leave tomorrow's problems for tomorrow, so be it

It's me, Goat, This is my alt to talk about weird magic bullshit I guess

Keysmashes are a form of sigil work. Argue with a wall

I have a kofi membership tier! Join The Possums for £3/m and get access to sketches, WIPs (works in progress), and high-res images # # #

reminder! if you are replying to a post from someone you aren't mutuals with, don't change your reply to be followers only it's weird
this is a subtoot because I just got a reply from someone I do not know and I cannot make sense of what the fuck they tried to say
going forward, if we are not mutuals and you reply to one of my public posts on followers only without good reason I am blocking you



Hi I'm Adam or Swiff, I enjoy

- Getting "Dunked" Upon
- Wizards & Associated Pleasures
- sowrd
- uhhhh
- smonk

I'm a big giant history dork, I play a lot of games, I draw (more some times than others), I get way too into storytelling minutia, and I'm a big fan of space and living in space and things in space.

There are some really exceptionally good people here, and I feel like I'm getting better by association daily.

I've been shuffling instances a bit but I'm here now!

Sometimes as a substitute you walk in and sit at a teacher's desk and just immediately feel at home

realizing I've been isekai'd as the protagonist of a lucasarts point and click adventure game, and the slow creeping terror of death upon deducing I'm actually in a Sierra point and click adventure game.

Content warning: Leaving Cybre.Space for a different instance, details below the break!


Hi, I'm Willow!

I'm here, I'm queer, I glow blue when orcs are near.

30, they/them, polyamorous

I like lots of nerdy shit like comic books (usually of the feminist-leaning variety), video games (of the indie/steam variety) and board games (of the co-op/tabletop RPG variety).

I just got out of grad school and I am trying to come out from under the rock that I have lived under.

I have come for your memes. :_gaysparkle:

me: posts some absolutely incomprehensible bullshit
all of you: